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Peak Development Partners is a complete construction solution with experience in the financing, planning, building and managing of hospitality, multi-unit housing, senior housing, medical and government projects. Our managing partners have a combined 50 years of experience in the construction industry with over 430 million dollars’ worth of projects managed in their careers to date. We strive to be a part of your team from the inception of your project to its completion, creating a lasting positive relationship, and becoming your preferred partner for all your commercial projects.

We Believe

We believe the best way to get to the top is together.

We believe the best way to solve a problem is to be honest when you spot one.

We believe clearing hurdles is a team sport.

We believe you can build your dream without it becoming a nightmare.

We believe the devil can’t hide in the details when you have them under the microscope.

We believe every decision, every day and every dollar counts.
We believe your builder and your advocate can be the same person.
We believe cutting the ribbon should be a celebration, not a relief.
We believe your aim is best when your eye is on the target.
We believe beating a deadline is the best kind of buzz.
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TRUST: The first thing we build on every project. It takes work to establish, integrity to sustain, and very little to squander.

COLLABORATION: There’s power in working alongside one another. There’s value in being team-oriented. It’s the surest path to the top.

COMMITMENT: This is what passion in action looks like. An essential tool if your goal is to be on time, on budget, or better.

KNOWLEDGE: Deep insights come from deep understanding. Experience is the only way to gain either.
RELIABILITY: Keep your word and always show up. Be eager to communicate. Be open with all stakeholders when you do.
TENACIOUS: No matter the conditions, maintain our resolve. Persist until everyone gets to the top.

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How we’ve built the Peak team

We only hire experienced construction professionals who have seen this mountain before. These folks represent all facets of construction from planning to building to finance. They have a history of delivering projects on-time and under budget and carry that commitment to your project. Our Project Managers, Project Superintendents and Support Staff work collaboratively for you under the oversight of our founder, Lee, who actively participates in each project we undertake.